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Introduction to DevSecOps and Cloud Security

training code: PODS_DEV_CLOUD / ENG DL 1d / EN

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
1,150.00 PLN 1,414.50 PLN with TAX

The training is intended for IT practitioners – especially DevOps, developers and QA engineers, but also system administrators and managers who want to know how to securely create, build and deploy solutions and applications while leveraging CI/CD and the cloud.

Participant will gain introductory, yet comprehensive, practical knowledge about securely creating, building and deploying applications to the cloud leveraging CI/CD solutions.

  • Basic programming skills (any language)
  • Basics knowledge about packaging and deploying applications
  • Basic knowledge about IT solutions architecture, web applications, OS and networks
  • Training: English
  1. Introduction to SSDLC and DevSecOps
  2. Static code analysis
  3. Dynamic code analysis
  4. Threats related to version control systems
  5. Threats related to CI/CD solutions
  6. Introduction to Cloud Security
  7. Monitoring and logging