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Change Management Foundation - accredited training with exam

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Change Management™ course is intended for Change Leaders, Project Managers and  team leaders  – all people who introduce changes in a team and organization during their everyday work. It is valuable for everyone who would like to be acquainted with issues related to phenomena which accompany changes in individual, team and organizational context. The course prepares for international APMG International - Change Management™ Foundation exam.
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The training is aimed at managers, change leaders, project managers and team leaders.

  • Increasing the effectiveness of team leadership and supporting changes on individual and organizational level.
  • Gaining knowledge on stakeholder management, or ways to develop appropriate strategies and communication plans toward them.
  • Specifying the possibility to create an authority and position of Change Leader.
  • Appreciating the influence which change has on organization, as well as understanding how to select and keep a proper pace of changes.
  • Gaining skills in the context of defining roles during change process.
  • A possibility to obtain international Change Management™ Foundation certificate.
  • Single-choice test exam consisting of 50 questions
  • Exam takes 40 minutes
  • To pass the exam you have to obtain at least 25 out of 50 points  (that is 50%)

Personal experience in project work or in the project team managing the change.

Note: The training may be conducted in Polish or English, depending on the order. This also applies to materials and presentations for participants and the language in which the exam will be conducted.

The Authorized Manual is not part of the standard material and can only be purchased in the English language. The exam takes place on the last day of classes.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • Exam: English

Introduction and presentation of course objectives.

Change and individual:

  • How do adults learn – process and learning styles
  • Performance decrease in change – learning curve
  • Individual change models
  • Motivation in change  – what works, when to use motivators
  • Individual differences and approach towards change – MBTI® model


Change and organization:

  • Four organizational metaphors
  • Organizational change and culture
  • Organizational change models
  • Key roles related to changes in organization
  • Developing the vision of change


Stakeholder management:

  • Rules of stakeholder management strategy
  • Stakeholder identification and segmentation
  • Mapping stakeholders and influence strategies


Communication and strategy:

  • Prejudice in communication in the context of change
  • Feedback and approaches toward communication
  • Communication in change – factors, barriers and approach
  • Communication channels (Push-Pull & Lean-Rich)
  • Planning communication in change
  • Estimating change influence on organization


Readiness for change:

  • Motivation for change, supporting individuals and teams
  • Change factors networks
  • Building organizational readiness to change


Team of changes

  • Organizing a shift team
  • Successful team and its development
  • Change Management plan
  • Readiness for resistance
  • Overcoming resistance


Change Management™ Foundation exam