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Webinarium: Atmosphere in a team – Experience from space in earthly world

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Atmosphere in a team – Experience from space in earthly world.

How to boost team's productivity in a good atmosphere based on trust.

What guarantees high team productivity? There is no golden mean, but there are a number of obvious causes that disrupt effective teamwork. All it takes is a combination of the approach of a few different personalities who think differently, work differently and expect everyone else to act in exactly the same way - which in reality does not happen - and conflict is ready. Lack of trust and open conversation is another influence on the disruption of effective work. The question arises, what can be done to develop effective teams and eliminate these seemingly trivial but negative causes?


level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
699.00 PLN 859.77 PLN with TAX

Webinar dedicated to managers and team leaders.


  • Increased efficiency in achieving business goals
  • Stimulating employee commitment and satisfaction
  • Improving the flow of information in the team
  • Strengthening trust in the team


We recommend participation to people with basic experience in team management




During the webinar we will discuss issues and answer questions:

  • NASA space mission research on factors affecting team effectiveness.
  • What is trust in a team and how to build it? Open, honest and precise communication in a team – is it possible to achieve such a utopia? How to do it in the reality of remote working?
  • What is conflict for a team and why is it necessary? Is it worth preventing conflicts? How to lead a conversation in conflict?

  • Where does the sense of responsibility for tasks come from? How to develop in a team a sense of responsibility for tasks?
  • Methods and tools supporting key factors of effective teamwork