How does it work?

The Altkom Akademia’s remote trainings are conducted with the use of Zoom Video Communications technology which provides video communication on stationary and mobile devices.

Training session takes place in Altkom’s selected center as video conference, and practical exercises are conducted the same way and using the same equipment as in the classroom, in which the trainer is present. A high quality of image and sound guarantees comfortable cooperation conditions, and complex coding of meetings and using passwords protect them.

szkolenia zdalne

During remote trainings you have all advantages of the course conducted in the classroom by the instructor:

For who?

Remote training is a perfect solution for the people who cannot participate in the course provided in different city. These trainings have all advantages of on-premises trainings, and sometimes they might be a better way, for they mean saving money on delegations and no need to travel, which turns out to be time-consuming and logistic challenge. Altkom Akademia offers a possibility to choose remote trainings. We encourage you to become acquainted with our educational offer.