Use the potential of your sales team!

Altkom Sales Academy is a comprehensive offer of training courses aimed at improving sales competences. It is intended for sales departments — for managers and sales teams looking for proven educational solutions, the implementation of which will significantly improve the results.

We based our approach in developing sales competencies on an in-depth analysis of work standards of the top sales specialists, leading trends in sales practice, buyer's expectations and conditions of the Polish market.

The conclusions drawn helped us to create a very practical development program, whose primary goal is to achieve a lasting, positive change in the attitudes and competences of sales specialists and managers.

Every organization is specific, has its own culture, way of operation, and market.

For this reason, our programs, despite being based on universal principles, are adapted every time so that they bring the optimal developmental effect in a given situation. We operate according to the “process, not an event” principle, because only a comprehensive approach ensures sustainable results.

Competence Diagnosis

The starting point for each development process should be the analysis of initial condition, i.e. the level of competences of the participants before the process begins. This is a crucial element because it allows to tailor the program to the level of training course participants.

Having the above in mind, we have developed a set of proprietary research tools for diagnosing a number of competence areas. They have solid scientific basis and are distinguished by normalization and validation of effectiveness conducted in Poland.

Sales Competence Test

measures the skills of employees in the areas of:

  • establishing and building customer relations,
  • being customer-oriented (attitude),
  • sales skills.

Personal Competence Test

measures two basic areas of competences:

  • dealing with stress and adapting to changes — necessary for the ability to act effectively in difficult situations
  • being result-oriented — necessary to consistently pursue the desired effects.

Other tests:

  • Organizational Competence Test,
  • Cognitive Competence Test,
  • Management Competence Test,
  • Seven-dimensional Personality Questionnaire.

“... The subject matter of training courses was developed by Altkom Akademia S.A. specialists and the training courses have been carried out professionally and were strictly tailored to the needs of our company. The experience and reliable knowledge of the coach allowed our Employees to acquire knowledge and necessary information in the field of broadly defined sales and analysis of customer needs.

The entire process related to organization and the course of the training sessions have met all our expectations and the participants emphasized the high subject-matter quality of the conducted training courses ...”

Piotr Kaczmarczyk
President of the Management Board
SAGITUM Sp. z o.o.

“... The classes were conducted by a person with extensive knowledge and experience, which translated into the high subject-matter quality of the lectures, excellent contact with the training groups, and as a result, into the great value of the debate ...”

Jerzy Ostrowski
President of the Management Board
Firma Handlowa "BOZ" S.A.