Distance Learning courses (learning from home, online trainings) are intended for the people who would like to attend a full-featured training in real time without a need to leave their home or office.

  • You may participate in the training from every part of the world!
  • The training takes place live – you have a constant contact with the trainer and other training participants.
  • We use best technologies for videoconferences and laboratory environments fully available online.
  • We provide technical support in terms of sharinng and using software necessary to attend the training.
  • We guarantee the possibility of repeating the training in a stationary form.

Opinions about DISTANCE LEARNING courses

The rules of the training organization:

Before the training

  • Each participants will receive an e-mail with an invitation to Virtual Class at educational website Moja Akademia.
  • On the platform the training materials, website’s knowledge base resources and additional information from a trainer will be available indefinitely.
  • All information and instructions necessary to attend to the training will be sent via e-mail one day before starting the training at the latest.

The training

  • The training will be provided in  Distance Learning form, it takes place with the use of modern videoconference tools.
  • The training takes place within the hours arranged with customer service consultant.
  • Before and during the training each participants may use a dedicated support of IT experts’ team, who will help in case of problems with connecting to the training session or IT environment.
  • The condition for participation in distance learning training is to use a webcam which allows actual interactions with the training participant, including eye contact. Altkom Akademia reserves the right to refuse to provide services in case of not fullfiling this requirement.


  • Each participants will be given a necessary training materials.
  • The training is conducted by a lecturer with practical and didactic experienced, as well as knowledge proved by expert certificates.
  • After completing the course the participants fill in evaluation surveys (for Altkom Akademia’s inspection).

After the training

  • The participants will be given a certificate of attendance in the training.
  • The participants keep an indefininte access to Moja Akademia resources and training materials gathered in Virtual Class.
  • The participants have an opportunity to contact group members, and also the whole community of training graduates, as well as Altkom Akademia trainers.
  • Within a month from the end of the training, the participants will be under special supervision of the leading trainer.
  • Moja Akademia website is a platform to contract the trainers, the group and the whole community of graduates.

General requirements for providing trainings in distance learning (online) form:

  • The PC computer or notebook equipped with microphone, speakers and Internet camera with Internet browser compatible with HTML 5.
  • FullHD resolution monitor.
  • Steady Internet connection with a capacity enabling convenient learning process and entertainment.
  • In case of technical trainings we recommend: hardware equipped in two monitors with a minimum HD resolution (or two computers), The Internet USB camera, external speakres or headphones, as well as broadband Internet access.
  • We provide laboratory environments for most technical training. To connect to them, you need unlimited Internet access on ports in the range 40000 to 60000 and the standard RDP port 3389. For more details, see items 9 and 10 in the “Frequently asked questions” section.


1. What technical requirements do I have to meet, to participate in the training?

Minimal hardware requirements:

Dual-core processor with 2GHz speed (i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent)
RAM: 4GB (2GB in 32bit systems)
Hard disk: 0,5 GB of free space on the disk
Monitor/Screen 14” with HD resolution – 720p (2 screens for computer trainings)
Peripheral devices: Speakers, microphone or headphone set, an Internet camera
Internet connection: stable broadband connection (stable or wireless – LTE/4G)

Supported operational systems:

MS Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016
MacOS: One of the three latest MacOS system versions
Linux: All popular and current distributions

Internet browser: Current versions of Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera browsers

Altkom Akademia provides a dedicated technical support during the training. An appropriate contact is given together with an invitation. Failing to meet minimal technical requirements or improper functioning of user’s devices may result in lack of opportunity to provide training service, however, Altkom Akademia bears no responsibility for it. Altkom Akademia is also not responsible for the issues with providers of the services necessary to participate in Distance Learning training (for example companies providing electricity or Internet). In case of any questions whether they fulfill requirements.

You may check a full, thorough requirements concerning the newest videoconferencing tools, which are used on our trainings, by clicking the following links:

Zoom: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-System-requirements-for-Windows-macOS-and-Linux
Webex: https://help.webex.com/en-us/nki3xrq/Webex-Meetings-Suite-System-Requirements
Microsoft Teams: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/hardware-requirements-for-the-teams-app

2. Do I need an additional screen to participate in the training?

To increase the comfort of work and the effectiveness of training, we recommend using an additional screen – it can be an additional monitor or a TV connected to the computer. You can also use a separate device, such as a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for the second screen. On one device (e.g. a laptop or monitor) you can start a videoconference session and display the content provided by the trainer, on the other you can perform exercises using your own software or a remote environment provided by Altkom Akademia.

An additional display is especially recommended in case of computer trainings, whereas it is also very usful for other trainings – for example in Project Management. It simplifies group work, which is often done using additional applications, without a necessity to switch between windows.

Although having no additional screen does not exclude the participation in a training, it significantly influences work comfort during classes.

3. How can I join the training?

The day before the training at the latest you will receive e-mail with the link to remote training session, password and the instruction.

On the day of the training you will have to connect with the session at least 15 minutes before the classes start. It will enable us to determine and fix possible errors, as well as diminish the risk of delaying the start of the training.

4. I have no camera – may I participate in the training nonetheless?

The participants may take part in the distance learning training provided they have turned on their Internet camera which enables actual interactions between the instructor and the training participants, including eye contact. Altkom Akademia reserves the right to refuse to provide services in case of not fullfiling this requirement.

5. There is a different operational system than Windows 10 installed on my computer.

Videoconferencing software works on most commonly available operational systems. You will find an information in detail about installation on websites of software producer.

6. How can I check if the speed of my Internet is enough to participate in the training?

Minimal Internet speeds depend on several factors, among others a number of people on the training with their camera’s turned on. A key issue for the working comfort is connection stability. If your access to Internet allows to use multimedia (for example Netflix, YouTube) smoothly and conveniently, then your connection is fast enough.

7. I only have Internet LTE, can I take part in the training?

In case of LTE connection there is a risk of temporal deterioration of quality, thus we do not recommend it, although many Clients are saftisfied with the training conducted with such a connection.
Due to unstable speed, potentially high network delays and a risk of excessive charges for use related to audio and video data transfer, Altkom Akademia bears no responsibility for issues ocurring during remote session connection via GSM (LTE) links.

8. Do I have to install an additional software on my computer?

We recommend to install videoconferencing software. You will find the instruction for installation in an invitation, but it is also possible to download software from the following websites:

• Zoom: https://zoom.us/download
• Webex: https://www.webex.com/content/webex/c/en_US/index/downloads.html
• Microsoft Teams: https://www.microsoft.com/pl-pl/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/download-app

In case of most tools, there is also a possibility to download mobile applications or starting a session in a browser (Chrome or Edge); these solutions offer a limited functionality, however. We suggest using them noly when the installation of software is impossible. Apart from the recommendation above-mentioned, in case when the training requires working on the specific software, each participants is given an access to dedicated laboratory environment. First of all, it refers to technical trainings discussing the functioning of systems and applications.

9. How will I get the access to laboratory environment expected on my training?

Laboratory trainings (if they appear at the given training) will be shared via „Desktop” (RDP protocol), WWW or VNC.
The instruction of logging to environment will be sent together with access data to the training.
To connect with dedicated system we most often use rdp file which can be found in mail appendix with the link to the training. Once you have launched it, you have to enter login and password indicated.

10. Does my Internet connection have to fulfill other requirements apart from bandwidth in order to connect with the laboratory environment via Desktop?

Normally to connect you are required to have an access to Internet in ports from the scope 40000-60000 and standard RDP protocol port 3389. To check if the ports are open you may open website  http://portquiz.net/  and add in the address: port number, for example: http://portquiz.net:3389/ or http://portquiz.net:34151/ . After clicking these addresses websites should be displayed.
A limited access might occur in corporate networks and when computer is connected via VPN with such network. If, despite unblocked ports, the issue persists, please disconnect with VPN and reconnect with Desktop or use another computer.
If access to ports is blocked and/or the above solutions failed, you should contact IT department in your company.  If there are any questions concerning technical capacities or questions related to a necessity to connect woth laboratory environment, please contact Sales Representative.

11. What videoconfernecing tool will be used at the training ?

Open trainings are mostly conducted via Zoom platform; we also use such tools as Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams. The information concerning what tool are you going to use at the specific training are sent together with the logging instruction via e-mail the day before the classes at the latest.

If for any reason you cannot use any of the above solutions, please inform your Sales Representative about the fact beforehand.

12. Do I have to have my own accounts on videoconferencing platform to participate in the training?

No – all you have to do is to click the link provided in an invitation and follow the instructions.However, we do have a request that the name, under which you are going to participated in the videoconference, is your real name and surname – it will make the communication with you easier for the trainer and other participants.

13. Can I test audio/video connection before the training?

Yes, you may test the connection, by using teh following links below.

• Zoom (after installing software on your computer): https://zoom.us/test
• Webex (after installing software on your computer): https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html
• Microsoft Teams: To perform test connection in downloaded applications before joining the meeting, after clicking the link sent in an invitation you have to click the button „Non-standard installation”, and then „Make a test call” on the right hand side. In case of logged participants who use MS Teams application everyday, you have to click your photo, go to Settings, next click Devices, and then Make a test call.

ATTENTION: If you will be using external microphone or camera on the training, you have to select them from the list of available devices.