Altkom Akademia trainings

Distance Learning courses (learning from home, online trainings) are intended for the people who would like to attend a full-featured training in real time without a need to leave their home or office.

  • You may participate in the training from every part of the world!
  • The training takes place live – you have a constant contact with the trainer and other training participants.
  • We use best technologies for videoconferences and laboratory environments fully available online.
  • We provide technical support in terms of sharinng and using software necessary to attend the training.
  • We guarantee the possibility of repeating the training in a stationary form.

Opinions about DISTANCE LEARNING courses

The rules of the training organization:

Before the training

  • Each participants will receive an e-mail with an invitation to Virtual Class at educational website Moja Akademia.
  • On the platform the training materials, website’s knowledge base resources and additional information from a trainer will be available indefinitely.
  • All information and instructions necessary to attend to the training will be sent via e-mail one day before starting the training at the latest.

The training

  • The training will be provided in  Distance Learning form, it takes place with the use of modern videoconference tools.
  • The training takes place within the hours arranged with customer service consultant.
  • Before and during the training each participants may use a dedicated support of IT experts’ team, who will help in case of problems with connecting to the training session.
  • Each participants will be given a necessary training materials.
  • The training is conducted by a lecturer with practical and didactic experienced, as well as knowledge proved by expert certificates.
  • After completing the course the participants fill in evaluation surveys (for Altkom Akademia’s inspection).

After the training

  • The participants will be given a certificate of attendance in the training.
  • The participants keep an indefininte access to Moja Akademia resources and training materials gathered in Virtual Class.
  • The participants have an opportunity to contact group members, and also the whole community of training graduates, as well as Altkom Akademia trainers.
  • Within a month from the end of the training, the participants will be under special supervision of the leading trainer.
  • Moja Akademia website is a platform to contract the trainers, the group and the whole community of graduates.

General requirements for providing trainings in distance learning (online) form:

  • The PC computer or notebook equipped with microphone, speakers and Internet camera with Internet browser compatible with HTML 5.
  • FullHD resolution monitor.
  • Steady Internet connection with a capacity enabling convenient learning process and entertainment.
  • In case of technical trainings we recommend: hardware equipped in two monitors with a minimum HD resolution (or two computers), The Internet USB camera, external speakres or headphones, as well as broadband Internet access.

Distance Learning

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