Due to high interest in their exams, ISTQB has decided Covid-19 pandemic that they will enable taking online exams with Distance Learning proctor.
The programme is pilot in nature – the exams can be taken from 27th of April 2020.
To discuss the detail, we ask you to contact our Customer Service.

Until further notice  for the Clients attending Distance Learning training, who wouldn’t like to take online exams, apart from the full-fledged training, we offer  additional, full-fledged, 1-day online meeting, conducted shortly before the on-premises examination. As part of „interim reminder”, the participants will be able to take part in 1-day Distance Learning consultations during which the trainer is going to gather all the obligatory topics for the exam and explain possible questions which might come up during the waiting period.

The dates of consultations will be arranged and passed for Clients after re-enabling an opportunity to take on-premises exams in Altkom Akademia’s centers.