Altkom Akademia, after almost  20 years of offering in its portfolio a set of authorized Red Hat trainings, has taken the decision to substitute it with its own proposal of authorized trainings. Our goal is to raise the educational services to the even higher level of quality and enable training participants to gain competencies using the most upadted versions of products.

All trainings, which are in our new authorized training offer, are led by the same experienced Altkom Akademia instructors, who for over 10 years have been providing courses from Open  Source solutions (including Red Hat). A set of trainings ,which we have prepared, is based on products compliant (or source) with non-profit equivalents of software sold by Red Hat company. Hence, for example, in case of Linux operational system, the trainings  are conducted using CentOS distribution, we replace the trainings from OpenShift Container Platform with OKD trainings, while the trainings from Red Hat Virtualization are based on OVIRT distribution. Thanks to our introduction of these changes, the knowledge and skills acquired during trainings might be used right from the start during work with the newest versions both free of charge and non-profit products.

While preparing our own offer of authorized trainings, we kept the best features of authorized trainings. We focused on the practice, an interesting selection of topics, and developing our skills useful in everyday work. These are leading threads of our new offer. Moreover, in order to boost the quality of our educational services, we introduced changes, which distinguish us from the standard Red Hat training offer.

Our trainings:

  • use updated system versions – for example Centos 18.10 instead of normally used version 7.0, Ovirt 4.3;
  • start with the minimal system of system installation which allows the knowledge acquired at the training to be easily used outside the classroom – compared to work with readymade scripts automatizing environment preparation;
  • limit the time provided for the topics which constitute various things from the past, to the minimum (for example Autofs);
  • are based on available, current documentation, which eliminates the phenomenon of materials’ „getting old” – instead of working with the training script which may include out-of-date information;
  • have dedicated training environment to which access is possible also after the training.

Our offer of authorized trainings is being constantly developed. Within the following months we will share with you new positions expanding its subject matter scope. At the moment we invite you to take part in the trainings from the area of:

 Enterprise Linux 7 administration

We offer three trainings from the issues related to CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux operational system in version 7 administration. The trainings with numbers  ELA010 and ELA020 include the foundations of work in Linux environment  and configuring many local services. ELA300 training is an advanced training consisting of configuring network services and server security. The subject matter content of the agendas of these trainings is similar to the agenda of authorized trainings, hence they might be used to pass authorized exams. Moreover, for the people who already have the basic administration experience, we have prepared the training with the number  ELA030, which is the „fast track” version constituting a condensed combination of trainings ELA010 and ELA020.

Enterprise Linux 8 administration

After releasing version 8 of CentOS (CentOS 8) system we invite you to participate in three trainings including issues related to CentOS system administration  or Red Hat Enterprise Linux in version 8. Trainings with numbers  ELA010 and ELA020 include the foundations of working in Linux environment and configuring several local services. The training with a number ELA030, advanced expert training, includes the configuration of network services and server security. Trainings with numbers ELA010 and ELA020 have subject matter agenda similar to the authorized trainings and might be useful while preparing to authorized exam on system administrator level.

Introduction to  OKD – Kubernetes Open Source platform

OKD is the product available on Free Open Source rules, on the basis of which Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform has been developed. The training with the number  LX-OKD010 covers with its content both the introduction to software containerization and the installation as well as work with OKD. It is very good an introduction to the containerization issues, which enables participants to acquire knowledge and practical skills necessary to start working with Kubernetes containers in production environments .

Ansible – automatyzacja w systemach Linux automatization in Linux systems

The training with a number LX-ANS010 constitutes technical workshop which teaches aspects of automatization in Linux systems based on Ansible software. During training we get to know the best practices, methods, and techniques of using automatization while implementing new IT projects as well as complex management of already existing infrastructure. The training participant learns the foundations of how to develop automatizing playbooks, and how to use them, as well as what to be aware of to avoid possible problems. Furthermore, at the training we are acquainted with popular projects expanding basic possibilities of Ansible, namely  Ansible Galaxy and Ansible AWX. Workshops end with practical lab summing up the whole training which may be treated as sort of exam for its participants.

Installing, configuring and managing Ovirt – Open Source Virtualization

Ovirt is a product advertised as a competition of  VMware vSphere, on the basis of which Red Hat Virtualization has been developed. It is available on Free Open Source rules. The training with the number LX-OVIRT010 delivers practical skills which allow to start using OVIRT in the company’s production environment, providing knowledge and skills necessary to start it.


The rest advanced trainings in our new offer of authorized trainings (Clusters, Security, OpenStack, Troubleshooting and many others) are currently available only as consultations for closed groups. They will appear in our offer as versions of public trainings in the nearest future, after releasing new version of CentOS 8, which updates the main versions of system components.

Training paths

Linux system administration

Linux DEV/OPS Administrator
ELA010ELA020 następnie w dowolnej kolejności w zależności od potrzeb LX-ANS010, LX-K, LX-D, LX-OKD010

OVIRT Administrator