In February 2018 the collaboration with  Wolters Kluwer began – the biggest publisher of legal publications in Poland, with Altkom Akademia – the leader of training services in Poland. The collaboration assumes the execution of shared educational projects aimed at various groups of business recipients, especially lawyers, employees of financial departments, accountants and HR.

The first result of the collaboration is a list of certified training paths by both companies from the Legal Information System LEX. The novelties in this offer are both programme, which combines the knowledge about the system’s possibilities with the practice of its use, and the certificate confirming proficiency in using SIP Lex tool.

The programme has been created for the people who see their career in the area of legal knowledge. People interested – lawyers, applicants, clerks, students and IT system administrators can choose one of the programme paths. Once they finish them, the participants have an opportunity to take an exam and obtain a certificate.

The collaboration between Wolters Kluwer and Altkom Akademia aims at creating the offer based on the best experience of two partners and buliding an awareness, as well as promoting knowledge of legal information. Clients receive unique products made by experts and authors of legal information bases.

The guarantee of it is combining the unique resources of Wolters Kluwer company, which has been offering professional publications and expert tools helping to take critical business decisions for years, with Altkom Akademia’s over 26 years of experience in teaching, as well as creating agendas and development paths for various groups of employees.

Certified trainings from Legal Information System Lex are recommended first of all to those who intend to solidify their knowledge about modern sources of information about law, including commercial, official ones, as well as EU act bases and legal-economical informers. The experts, who conduct classes, are going to indicate how to manage legal information properly, how to solve interpretations in dispute with regard to classification of acts. Thanks to access to the system, participants will be able to check the use of knowledge given everyday  in practice. The trainings will be necessary for the ones interested in raising their proficiency in using  SIP LEX, hence, the effectiveness of their work.