Within the days of 15th-16th February this year, at the Philology Department of the University of Łódź, the third edition of Polish nationwide Non-formal Education Congress  – a unique event for all entities providing development services, namely: trainings, assistance, coaching, mentoring. This year’s formula of the Congress assumes an active engagement of recipients of the services  – enterpreneurs. In this manner the organizers would like to confront mutual expectations of clients and service providers, make the language more common, think about the quality indicators on the enterpreneurs’ side, and help service providers use the knowledge in practice.

Special case study, sessions and workshops for enterpreneurs have been planned on the second day of the Conference. The important topics for you will be discussed, including support in successful using funds of subject financing system and Service Development Base, as part of actions of a new coupon and  „The recipe for development” („Przepis na rozwój”) project operator from Łodź, as well as cooperation in successful planning, thus bringing the business result in planning educational process of employees.

We inivite you to discuss, exchange your views and experience. You must be there! The participation in the congress is open, and you may register free of charge at the Congress’ website!