Dear Readers, we are happy to announce that Altkom Akademia S.A. obtained the prestigious “Gold Member” membership status of The Open Group consortium. Thus, we are the only organization in Poland and one of the 60 in the world, alongside companies such as Microsoft, EY, or Accenture, which has the right to actively participate in the development and standardization of IT technologies supported by The Open Group. These technologies include, among others, UNIX operating system, POSIX, TOGAF framework, SOA, ArchiMate notation, IT4IT and many others.

The “Gold Member” status guarantees relevance of knowledge within the scope of the aforementioned standards, as well as complete reliability in regard to Altkom Akademia passing that knowledge. The training courses we offer include TOGAF® 9.1 for Practitioners (Levels 1 and 2), and ArchiMate® 3 for Practitioners. Shortly, our offer will be expanded with openFAIR and IT4IT standards. Please take a closer look at our training programs.

The Open Group consortium was founded in 1968. From the very beginning, in cooperation with customers, IT products suppliers and other organizations, we have been creating standards in the software field, especially APIs.