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Altkom Programming Academy responds to the needs of companies related to the fast acquisition of employees having required technical skills, in particular developers of the most popular technologies.

The offer is addressed to the heads of HR and IT departments of companies with big application development teams, for which maintaining the continuity of implemented IT projects is of utmost business importance.

Programming Academies are well suited for people who are open to retraining as well as developers who want to learn new programming languages.

The confirmation of the effectiveness of our training courses is our experience in conducting dozens of Academy editions, which resulted in over 1,500 people successfully finding a job in the new profession.

Programming Academy consists in complete, proven in practice, 13 or 15-day intensive training courses that prepare for the work of Java, C++, and C# developers, Front-End developers and testers from scratch. The final scope and course of the trainings as part of the Academy are developed jointly with the customer so that the environment for learning new skills is as close as possible to the future working environment. Depending on the needs, the subject-matter part of the training courses can be supplemented with, for example agile working methods or selected soft skills.

Such an approach results in greater effectiveness of training courses, better use of the acquired knowledge, and reduces stress of students after joining the project team and starting coding.

Classes within the Academy are conducted by lecturers with experience in teaching programming from scratch.

  1. Analysis — getting to know the Customer's needs, defining the purpose of the educational program and the expected results, in particular specifying:
    • the number of vacancies to fill,
    • the list of crucial and supplementary competences,
    • the time of preparing employees for working on the project.
  2. Recommendation — developing an offer that fulfills the customer's goals in the best possible way, and specifying:
    • the substantive scope of the Academy program,
    • the diagnostic tools, methodologies and training techniques used,
    • the rules for verifying skills before and after the program,
    • the way of reporting the work progress and the recommendation justification,
    • the predicted effectiveness of the Academy,
    • the number of participants of the Academy,
    • the date when the Customer recruited program participants,
    • the start and end dates of the training courses.
  3. Execution – after the Customer accepts our recommendation and dates, we proceed to the program execution phase, which includes:
    • placement test,
    • planned training courses and workshops,
    • regular meetings with the Customer summarizing a given stage of training courses,
    • final test,
    • recommendation of candidates for work with a description of participants and choice justification.

Altkom Programming Academy gives companies the opportunity to create their own repetitive system of acquiring employees to carry out current IT projects and thus to become independent of the difficult situation on the IT market.on the IT market.

Programming Academy also means:

  • Reliable, proven planning of project resources
  • Predictable, pre-determined costs and time of recruitment of employees with necessary technical skills
  • Minimizing the risk associated with project delays
  • Gaining employees that are loyal and highly motivated to work
  • Lowering the costs of implemented IT projects

Paweł Bąkowski
Business Development Manager
in the area of Software Engineering

“The market success of companies is nowadays determined by their ability to quickly and effectively acquire IT specialists for their projects. The success of individual recruitment processes is not important, what counts are the long-term strategies and ideas that ensure a steady supply of employees with the desired skills. This was our assumption when creating the Altkom Programming Academy — to develop a tested and repetitive concept of providing employees with the necessary technical skills in predictable time and costs without the risk of failure.

Several dozens of Academy editions completed with our Customers, several hundred participants prepared to work as developers, analysts, and testers — this is a strong testimonial for the Academy and a proof that we offer a product that helps our Customers to successfully solve their problems associated with the lack of IT specialists. ”

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