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Team’s productivity in a good atmosphere based on trust


Team’s productivity in a good atmosphere based on trust

What guarantees team’s high productivity? There are no golden means, yet we can indicate obvious reasons which disturb effective teamwork. What should be done to develop successful teams and eliminate seemingly banal but negative reasons?

We invite you to participate in the webinar and discussion after the meeting.

  • NASA space mission research in terms of factors influencing teams’ effectiveness.
  • Trust in a team. An open, honest and precise communication.
  • Conflict for a team.
  • Responsibility.

Tomasz Chyrchel

An expert in designing innovations and developing creativity. He conducts development projects in areas of innovation and manager’s competencies/teamwork,specialises in creativity, Design thinking, Service Desing, Lean Start-up, Management 3.0 and competencies related to successful work in a team. A graduate from creativity psychology (SWPS University) and postgraduate studies from conducting and monitoring clinical research (Leon Koźmiński University).